License Campaign


Rotherham is a testimony that Child Sexual Exploitation has reached alarming proportions in the United Kingdom. Many believe that this is a phenomenon unique to Rotherham. However, historical and recent reports show that CSE does not recognise geographical boundaries nor does it respect creed, race or standing. It spreads easily across Localities like a cancer, devouring our children, their families and their communities.

I would like you to join in my fight to stop and eradicate CSE and all forms of abuse from escalating in your location. We aim to do this by embracing certain policies and practices to move forward in a positive way to help safeguard our children. I, as a survivor am proud to be a part of supporting Rotherham to move forward and make this a National Project.

The Policies Include.

  • Taxi Licensing…
  • Limousine Licensing…
  • Street trading Licensing around children…
  • Public transport Licensing…
  • Food Outlets …
  • Hotels and B&B…


Taxi Licensing.

  • All taxis to be installed with CCTV and audio devices.
  • All taxis to be installed with tracking devices.
  • All taxis to be installed with shield glass separating the driver from passengers.
  • All children to travel in the back seat.
  • Taxi drivers to use the vehicle for work purposes only and not for personal use.
  • All drivers to be enhanced DBS checked.
  • Cars should only be used by the registered driver.
  • National data base to respond to intelligence as well as evidence against all taxi drivers.
  • Regular, random drug tests on all drivers.
  • Training in CSE awareness and reporting for all drivers.
  • Mandatory for owner of company to keep correct complaints procedure.
  • No looked after children to travel in taxis.
  • No modifications made to vehicles.


Limousine Licensing.

  • All vehicles to be installed with CCTV and audio devices.
  • All vehicles to be installed with tracking devices.
  • No children permitted in the front seat.
  • Vehicle only to be used for work purposes.
  • All drivers to have a clean driving license.
  • The vehicle to only be used by registered drivers.
  • National data base to respond to intelligence as well as evidence against all drivers.
  • Regular alcohol and drug tests on drivers.
  • Ensure all passengers drinking alcohol to provide I’d task 25.
  • All children passengers must be supervised by parent or appropriate adult.
  • All drivers to receive a enhanced DBS.
  • Training in awareness and reporting of child safety.


Street Trading Licensing.

  • CCTV, audio and tracking devices in all ice cream vans.
  • Hygiene certificate certified every 12 months.
  • Enhanced DBS checks on all drivers.
  • Only use van for work purposes.
  • To have a clean driving license.
  • Vans only to be used by the registered driver.
  • Regular random drug and alcohol tests.
  • Photo ID of driver to be worn at all times on shift.
  • Owner of company must be registered and DBS checked.
  • National database to respond to Intel as well as evidence.


Other Public Transportation.

  • Training in CSE awareness, spotting signs and reporting.


Food Outlets.

  • Mandatory enhanced DBS checks on all staff and delivery drivers.
  • Mandatory CCTV in and around the building including all entrances and exits.
  • Mandatory uniforms including name badges with photographs for all staff including drivers and silent partners.
  • Delivery vehicles to be used solely for business purposes.
  • No passengers to be carried whilst on duty.
  • Tracking devices to be installed in all vehicles.
  • Appropriate training to be undertaken by the staff members re CSE, First Aid, Customer services, Food hygiene (BTEC).
  • Investigations to be carried out for businesses involved in tax evasion (EG closing down after 1 year and re-opening in a different trading name).
  • All staff to be registered as working and have obtained a valid NI number.
  • Regular, random drug and premises checks to be carried out.
  • Logos on all vehicles so it can be identified to the establishment.
  • National data base to respond to intelligence as well as evidence against all staff.


Hotels and B&B.

  • DBS checks on all staff.
  • All staff to receive training in CSE awareness, spotting signs, reporting.
  • CCTV in all car parks and covering all outside areas of building.
  • 2 forms of Identification to be provided by all guests including vehicle make, model and registration number and to be kept on premises database.
  • All guests including children over the age of 10 to have photo taken by premises computer system with an alert system to notify staff of guests visiting on a regular basis. This can help identify possible perpetrators and stop children that are being trafficked.
  • CCTV inside premises including corridors leading to all rooms.
  • CSE awareness posters and leaflets around premises.



I would want to see these proposals put into place. I feel that by implementing these policies we can significantly reduce crime. CSE is a nationwide problem that needs to be tackled robustly from all angles. This can only be achieved if we all unite.

*ONLINE ARTICLE* Steering towards safer taxi and private hire licensing